"Oprah Fail" Part 2

It's overly dramatic to think of this experience as a failure, but I won't lie. I felt like a capital L Loser for a while.

It started when Oprah launched her contest. My friend Toan had already started working on his audition and he told me I should at least try. I should write a separate post about Toan. One of my dearest friends who has rooted for me every step of the way ever since I met his mustacheoed self in the cafeteria at USF and he was all, "You're VEGETARIAN?!!" as if I'd just said I found Jimmy Hoffa in my dorm room. As competitive as our business is, he is a TV type who has been with me every step and we could just hold hands and sing Kumbaya; we are that tight. If either of us had won this contest, I can truly say there would've been no jealousy.

I told The Good Doctor about the whole deal on the way to a birthday party for a one year old. And we came up with the show idea simultaneously. It was weird, he was explaining what I had thought of in my head. 16 years of togetherness leads to some serious creepiness.

We batted around the idea and I read the rules and we talked it over. The risks versus the rewards of submitting a 3 minute video pitching myself, and my idea for a show on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. By the way, I have never had to retype Orpah into Oprah so many times in my life.

Anyway, after some back and forth, me with the, "No guts, no glory" wanton attitude and he with the, "Let's not get carried away; we both have great jobs" logical thinking attitude. But in the end, he agreed to roll the dice with me and he helped me toss my penny into the Oprah Winfrey Mark Burnett wishing well.

Then he hurt his back. Like immobilized himself with excruciating back pain from a twinged muscle. He was supposed to shoot my audition video and he was laid out flat.

The next weekend came, and his back was still jacked, but we managed to cobble something together. I figured I would try to do something basic, explain my idea for "Trending with Vicky Nguyen," and hope that the rules stating "A casting director will look at all submissions" were really true and that maybe I would catch someone's eye.

I submitted my video and filled out the longest questionnaire I've ever filled out. Questions about my biggest disappointment in life, what someone who knows me really well would say are my best and worst qualities, how do I react when I win and when I lose. It was very cathartic and fun, actually.

Exactly one week later, I got a call. 

To Be Continued.