Best Birthday Gift Ever Part 1

So there's this bestseller selling bestfully called "The Passage" by Justin Cronin. I mentioned it in this post about crazy Uncle Mike The Bear Wrestler. I started reading this book the same way I start reading most books these days. I saw it on the counter at The Good Doctor's parents' house.

Backing up for a moment. The Good Doctor comes from a family of readers. Every time we visit, they are all in some stage of some book, sometimes, GASP, MULTIPLE BOOKS! Imagine that! You see, these people are readers. Like me. They enjoy reading. They do it regularly. They swap books. They talk about books. They are normal and happy and well adjusted. The Good Doctor, as you know is not. He hates reading. So much that he hasn't read a book for fun for at least 10 years. At least. Medical school books don't count.

So we were visiting a few weeks before our trip to Tahoe, and I see that White Grandpa is reading a book he borrowed from Uncle Mike. Natch, I pick it up, and accidentally lose his place when the book jacket slips out. OOPS. Sorry White Grandpa. But he's used to getting Vicky'd. Like the time he just installed a brand new pond with a fountain in the backyard and I saw the cat sitting on one of the stones and assumed if a 13 pound cat could sit on it, surely a 107 pound Vietnamese woman could step on it. I assumed incorrectly. The pond has never quite been the same.

I start reading the first few paragraphs and I'm H to the ooked. As in, I spent the rest of the weekend crouched over the book reading as fast as I can before I have to go home and wait until White Grandpa is done so that I can borrow it next. Because I'm cheap and I've moved so much in my life that anything that can't be eaten or worn is something I'm reluctant to bring into my space lest it need to be carried back out and down three flights of stairs into a moving van.

But I couldn't wait to keep reading, so I actually paid the 18 bucks at Target for this book. It was THAT GOOD. And I kept telling The Good Doctor, alternating between threats and pleas, "I'm gonna make you read this."

Pleading: "OK PLEASE please, IF YOU LOVE ME, you will READ this book."

Threatening: "Why are you such a doucher, just read the damn book!"

Pleading: "It can be my birthday present. It's all that I want. So we can talk about it!!!"

Him: "No. I'm NOT going to read it. NO way. I hate reading. Vicky, I'm NOT reading that book. NO. Not. Gonna. Do. It."

Eventually he lost a bet and I get him to read the first 17 pages. Because I KNEW he would keep reading after that. Actually, I read him those pages, and even broke down during certain parts because I'm a dork and the way the author writes about "Amy" and her mom is just so wrenching and makes me think of Emmy. Yes, I'm that lame. I was crying and reading out loud and The Good Doctor was patiently listening and only laughed at me twice.

So one day, a few days after I've read him the first chapter and I'm waiting for it to set in and infect him with Reading Rabies, The Good Doctor nonchalantly mentions, "I'm gonna read the book."

And I'm like, "Oh reaalllllllly? Muah ha ha. Reading Rabies done got ya!"

And he's like, "I'm doing it for your birthday."

And I'm like, "YAAAAAAY!"

I'm so happy he's reading "The Passage." Every single person in his family has read it. Starting with Uncle Mike, followed by White Grandpa, then simultaneously me and White Grandma. It's our own Passage Fan Club up in here.

Little did I know how much harrassment I would go through for my own birthday present.