Purple Potato

Lest you think Asian Grandma only feeds Emmy Krispy Kreme and KFC, let me direct you to this photo.

After coming home from shooting a story about how digital devices could be making us dumber because we use them 24/7 and don't give our brains downtime to process and remember, wait, where was I?

Oh yes, Asian Grandma pulls these out of the rice cooker and goes, "Here, have some! Emmy loves these."

And I go: "What are they, exactly?"

And she goes: "They're potatoes. Uh, actually they're like potatoes but purple. Or yams. Well, not a yam, more like a sweet potato. Like a, sweet, purple potato."

Me: "Thanks Mom. That really clears it up." 

Her: "Well, Emmy eats 'em all the time. She loves them."

So these Emmy Purple Potatoes are some sort of starchy, sweet vegetable. You can plop them right in the rice cooker and they come out perfect. Soft but not mushy. And they look so pretty, even when your baby has a mouthful of them and opens her mouth real real wide to show you and little pieces fall onto her lap because she's laughing like a maniac for reasons only she really understands.