Even though the books say Emmy should have "20 words by 15 months," and she really only has about 10 at 18 months, I am so not worried. I'm also the mom that didn't react quickly enough to prevent her from falling on her head and growing a threemor, but still. That's why I have a genius husband. He's the responsible, smart, caring one.

I am thoroughly enjoying her fake language. It's a totally legit sounding rambling of words complete with tone and expression and inflection. Blea lee laaa! Geeesh shh pffttt! WAW ohhhh ohhhh. Um mwahhh um mwahhh ayeEEEE! Punctuated by shrieks and, if we're lucky, a smile and a nod in our direction.

I figure, as my daughter, it's only a matter of time before she starts backtalkin' and I have to stock up on soap to wash out her mouth. So I'm totally loving Emersonese. It sounds so innovative and fun and satisfying. She's right at home speaking her native language. Jibber jabberin without a care in the world.

And because I'm always messing with The Good Doctor by pretending to speak to him in Vietnamese. God you have no idea how funny it is to make someone think you're actually using another language when you're not. Unless you've done it. It's hilare, right? He claims he can "always tell" and that my fake languages, of which there are many, are horrible and that they all sound the same, but I have so fooled him before and laughed FOR HOURS. Easilyamusedmuch? Yes, yes I am.

Emersonese just sounds so lovely and it so perfectly sums up this innocent time between baby and big kid. I'm in no hurry for her to start saying real words. Plus, it reminds me to speak fake to The Good Doctor more often. Something about the way he rolls his eyes is so endearing.