"Oprah Fail" Part 5

It's trite, but something I do believe in: When one door closes, another one opens. And when Oprah slammed the door in my face and said SEE YA, wouldn't wanna BE YA (who knew she was so ghetto), another one swung open at NBC Bay Area. I re-signed. No, not "resigned," re-signed. A new contract. The Good Doctor is thrilled because it means he has a general idea of where we'll be for 3 years and he doesn't have to worry about moving my four closets full of rainbow colored suits and blazers cross country yet again.

We're trying some new stuff at the station. In case you haven't noticed. Shows are taking on their own personalities. A bigger emphasis on "stories that matter to you." I'll still be on the 11pm news but mostly in the "B" block, after the news of the day. It will be a departure from the daily turn of general assignment news in the span of a few hours. These stories will be longer, more in-depth, and shot over the period of a day or more, depending on the elements in the story.

It ain't hosting my own show on the Oprah network, but it feels like a new gig of sorts. And that's definitely a welcome change for my restless skin. 

So, if you have any ideas for stories that will help make people safer, healthier, or wealthier, you know where to find me. At Costco. Where an Asian man nudged The Good Doctor this weekend as I was off selecting the best 5-pack of Haas avocados. He had to nudge him again because The Good Doctor was feeding pasta samples to Emmy but when he got his attention, he said, "Is that your wife, Vicky Nguyen?" To which TGD responded, "Sure is." And the man nodded and pushed his mega cart away. I need IDEAS people. So please, send them to me here. Or at Costco. Since I won't be on OWN, I will continue buying in bulk.

P.S. They have a karaoke machine there. On sale for 189.99, Good Doctor. Don't forget the autotune mic. Christmas should be good this year.

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