You Are So Dumb. For Real.

In case it's not apparent by now, I'm still not over Antoine Dodson (yes, I "Like" him), his iTunes song, and the cottage industry of T-shirts and merchandise that came from his local TV news interview.

Remember when I told you I was driving The Good Doctor bonkers because

a) I decided to adopt the word douche two years after everyone else stopped using it and

b) I used douche and doucher FOR EVERYTHING, as in "You need to douche." And "douche" could be a person, place, or thing, verb or noun and it was his job to figure out what I meant based on my tone and/or body language. Or I'd replace common verbs with douche, e.g., "Let's douche the dogs," when it was time for their evening walk.

I've outgrown that. Please, hold your applause.

Douche has been replaced with, "You are so dumb. For real." And, to a lesser degree, "Run and tell that, run and tell that, home, home, homeboy." All I need is an autotune mic to complete my life.

This time around, though, The Good Doctor is also addicted to my catch phrase. So we can BOTH be so dumb, for real. When your weirdness morphs into your spouse's weirdness: matrimonial bliss, yo!!!

But I fear that, despite the 16 million views of his autotuned song, there are still some people who I may encounter, oh, at work maybe, who won't understand when I sing to them, "You are so dumb. For real." And they might take offense. So I'm trying, as my friend Yetta would say, real, real hard to hold it inside. Especially when it would be really really inappropriate to sing, "You are so dumb. For real." Unfortunately that results in an explosion of singing when I am at home.

What will be truly unforgivable though, is if Emmy's first sentence is "You are so dumb, for real."