Kamikaze Babies

The Good Doctor loves to take Emmy to this new toddler park he discovered near our house. The one he found on a list of things to do in the Bay Area when you have a toddler. The list he emailed me during a very busy day when I didn't have time to read every little pint sized activity. The list he later pulled up on the iPad when I was were falling asleep after previously mentioned busy day and was like, "So, what do you think? Where should we take her? Which place do you want to go? Isn't this cool? Did you see this? Did you see that?" And when I only cracked my eyes open a little bit and mumbled, "K schmppsfff" and rolled over, he was less than friendly in his response. And some people dare to complain about deadbeat dads. Try living with Super Dad sometime. It's not all cupcakes and purple potatoes.

It has all toddler sized amenities: small slides, swings, easy steps, and, get this A SANDBOX.

She went there for the first time a couple weeks ago but we had no tools or shovels or toys and she had to borrow some other girl's sidewalk chalk and shovel and bucket. We waited until Emmy was a year and half to introduce her to sandboxes and other kids' toys.

The Good Doctor was there with Emmy and he was marveling at the other moms who were letting their babies run wild and free. The closest Emmy gets to doing that is when she's at home wearing kneepads and a helmet in our specially padded room.

He gets home and tells me about these moms who were there with their Marvin baby boys, months younger than Emmy, and how they were just chitttt chattin' away, not even watching their babies on the jungle gym. Suddenly one of their boys just went face first down the slide. The Good Doctor sort of gasped and looked over at the moms. They were still talking. The second boy takes a nosedive. Moms? Still talking, not even noticing their kamikaze babies shooting toward their certain death. But lo and behold, within seconds both boys were back up and climbing to their next daredevil heights. 

Meanwhile, Emmy is carefully brushing sand from her fingers, holding up her hand and grunting to her dada to help her with the grains still embedded in her palms. Overprotective much? I am beginning to think we really are. A second baby will probably help change that. But let's not get crazy. That is definitely not on the agenda yet. Talk about a kamikaze.