Local TV News Gold

Eureka, I've found some of it.

It has spawned a whole new wing in my vernacular.

Coffee Lady: She needs to be in a movie. "Backin up, backin up, backin up, 'cuz my daddy taught me good."

You know how I feel about Antoine. Run and tell that.

Is this surfer boy so dumb? For real? "Get pitted, so pitted like that."

"I like turtles." And the reporter has no follow up question? Come on lady! Have some fun with Zombie Boy!

Where do I get my hands on a leprechaun flute? Apparently it has to be passed down for generations. But you have to admit, that sketch of the leprechaun was pretty accurate and official looking.

Our own KRON4 made the list! "It's just for decoration, mang." "WOOOOT." "It's the morning. You 'posed to be up cookin' breakfast."

UFO guy and Australian Party Kid are meh. 

You can skip the dog attack--that's more infuriating than funny.

But Cold Weather Woman is my kind of gal.