Effing spambots. Totally got my panteezies up in a bunch. Checking the stats on "our" blog this week (The Good Doctor has some real audacity to start throwing around this "we" and "us" and "our" terminology on the blog he has about .05% involvement in, not counting his frequent checking of my comments before I even log on) when I notice a spike in activity. Not unheard of numbers, but a random bump in activity and views that I was all excited about.

I thought, "Has Oprah come to her senses and decided she needed some Asian vim and vigor beyond the lone Lisa Ling traversing the earth?" I DVR'd some of her OWN shows since the premiere of the Oprah Winfrey Network, because, as you know, I was planning to become an OWN host until she chose a cast that didn't include me.

But then I contacted my site's IT guys. They were all, "Um yeah ma'am. Those are spambots. We caught them and took them out of your detailed activity, but they did get in there and wreak some havoc. Sorry 'bout that. You don't have a Perez Hilton sized readership after all. Go back to your blob hole."

First the freaking ROBOTS. And now spambots. WTF Bill G., Sergei, Zuck and all you coding geniuses? Isn't it time we eradicate spam? It's computer polio and we need total elimination. Stat. 

"Our" hearts can't take the roller coaster of thinking we are the next sliced bread of the Internet to being told spambots artificially increased our readership. It's cruel.