iCalendar--No it's not Mexican

I know I just bought and raved about a Samsung Epic phone that's all about Google and Android, so for atonement to the tech gods, let me gush about the Apple calendars that you can make on your laptop through iPhoto. 

Totally amazing. Super simple, no need to upload photos to a third party site. There's a variety of layouts to choose from and you just drag and drop from your photo library onto the templates. 

You can choose the number of photos you want on each month and you can start on any month you want, handy if you live your life on an academic calendar like I used to.

And the quality is stellar. Thick pages, beautiful colors, great printing quality. 

For the non-scrapbook inclined, it's a nice way to organize the photos from the previous year, in a semi-corresponding manner for a keepsake. Meaning: January 2011 features photos of Emmy from January 2010. 

Major thumbs up for this Apple/iPhoto product. One click ordering when you're done and it arrives in about 4 days. Not bad for 19.99 plus shipping. The convenience factor is tough to beat. No waiting for the images from your computer to upload to another site; you do it on your computer and bam, order and it's in the mail.

"Who's that little boy?" joked The Good Doctor when I showed him this cover photo.

We quickly fixed the gender confusion by putting her in the ultimate feminine frilly costume as Miss January.

This template is awesome because you can put a photo on every single day if you want. That would be annoying if you actually wanted to use the calendar, but it's a great way to preserve 365 photos from the previous year.

And the variety of layouts provides a lot of different photo arranging opportunities. I may not have bought the iPhone hype, but I do highly recommend the iCalendar.