Anh Oi

Our shirts from Anh Oi have arrived! "Anh oi" colloquially means "Oh baby" or "Oh honey" in reference to a man. "Em oi" means the same for a woman. And "Be oi" means the same for a kid. 

Confused? We Vietnamese are a beguiling people. And even when you google "everything to know about the Vietnamese" you're not going to get much help, since Google referred you here.

The site has a few really fantastically themed Vietnamese shirts that play off of word pronunciation. Evidenced below in our new family T-shirt collection.

If you have any Vietnameseys in your life, I urge you to visit Anh Oi and see if you can find a fun gift. The prints are all on American Apparel, so base your sizing on those shirts. Very nice, stretchy, quality cotton.

Steer clear of the chim chim, cu cu shirt unless you know what those words actually reference. 

I'm guessing you figured out what "heo" means, and how to pronounce it. The hair is getting out of control a little, isn't it.

The red envelope was a really nice touch! It's a tradition to give red envelopes containing a couple bucks (or more, depending on how much you know/like the kid) to children for the New Year. Thanks Anh Oi!

While the photo may imply otherwise, I actually don't have a six and a half foot tall WHITE mannequin just standing around in the guest bathroom.

But it looks so real...

I knew there was going to be a major situation when I saw this shirt. Had. To. Have. It.

But you have to say "situation" the way T-Bag said it in Prison Break, best show ever until it got all cray cray: sitchy-a-shun.

C'mon. What's not to love about being in the Nguyen-er's circle? Especially when you're 7 feet tall like I am in this photo.

Wait, I have more. "Are you in it to Nguyen it?" What about "The Nguyen-ing Formula."

Oh the possibilities!