Halloween Costumes

Did the manufacturers just give up on costumes for kids 2-10 years old? We've been on the hunt for the perfect leopard costume for Emmy for a couple weeks now, which is pretty remarkable because I didn't spend that much time deciding where to go to college.

Shut it. 

Everything for babies is adorable and soft and cuddly and cute. Move into toddler/tweens and everyone's a ho. You want to be a cat? How about a skimpy tanktop with a corset back and a short skirt with a tail. Throw on some knee highs and paint your face. Meow. Or you can be a fairy princess wearing a super itchy flammable dress that will make you break out in hives after 30 seconds. Maybe a Strawberry Shortcake streetwalker is more your taste? That red wig and those big, big brown freckles. Hottt.

Very disappointed with the mass market offerings. So we turned to JoAnn Fabrics. Which is on par with Michael's for me: a last resort destination. I'm allergic to crafts. Lo and behold, we found a pattern for a cute leopard costume, and some soft fleecy leopard fabric. The project says "Asian Grandma" all over it. But rest assured, The Good Doctor says if Asian Grandma isn't up to it, he will "suture" the costume together. You know, with a running stitch, like they use to sew up your chest after open heart surgery.

Meanwhile, my friend and colleague Liza brought us a couple of possibilities for Emmy to try, courtesy her Midwest mom who is quite deft with needle and thread.

Homemade Ariel costume: Emmy loved wearing it even though she's not quite tall enough to wear it and could only move around in itty bitty steps while wearing it.

Small steps, small steps!

At first she didn't want to try on the jester outfit, but on second thought she decided she did want to wear it. "I want to try the "lobster" one!"

Oh my little caviar princess. Such rich taste at such a young age. But she's still stuck on the leopard costume. I just hope The Good Doctor's suturing will not come into play.