Avocado Balls

If your husband dangled these in front of you first thing in the morning after coming home from a 24 hour shift, you know what you'd say? "YUM!"

I mean, the medical booty, the brownish greenish stain oozing through the pores of the fabric, the hint of round edibles underneath. That screams "appetizing!" and "can't wait to taste THAT!"

Turns out, they were tiny avocados of the "Mexicola Grande" variety. According to Specialty Produce, and read aloud to me by The Good Doctor after a Google search, "Avocado varieties are identified as being either Type A or Type B. Mexicola Grande is an A variety. Type A varieties have flowers that open as females in the morning and close in the afternoon. The following afternoon the flowers open as a male. The male sheds its pollen and closes a few hours later, never to open again."

Did you hear that men? Never to open again. Be grateful you're not a Type A avocado flower.

One of The Good Doctor's colleagues has a tree with thousands and thousands of these tiny gems ready to be dropped into a medical booty and shared with lucky families such as ours.

P.S. Apparently they are not easy to peel, even with a potato peeler. Hence the bits of avocado skin under The Good Doctor's thumb nail. But he cleans up nicely if there are any hand modeling agents out there. Look at that smooth, milky white skin and those slender fingers!