Does your husband ever ask you to pick out your daughter's outfit for the day, only to come in and detail every reason why that outfit won't work for the day, i.e. it's too hot/too cold/too formal/too informal/too big/too small/too uncomfortable/too restrictive/not cute.

Yeah, this was one of those outfits. The Good Doctor did not want Emmy going to Happy Hollow in a tutu and fancy tank top, which by the way, were birthday gifts and some of the nicest clothes she owns. Granted, this is not my first choice of outfit for petting goats and climbing around a jungle gym. BUT, we were also planning to take some pumpkin patch photos, so I needed to make sure we had her in something other than stretch pants and a T-shirt, her standard uniform 360 days of the year. 

And she found her little headband herself, and actually wore it for 50% of the day. All in all, a success. I told her she looked like Suri Cruise and she happily said to The Good Doctor, "I look like Suri Cruise!" And skipped off onto some goat poop.