Future Emmy and Babius

Seeing Lucas at 18 months old just blew my socks off! The last time I saw this kid, he wasn't quite walking yet, but now he's reverse-brooming a deck!

And double shoveling fall leaves! His parents, Kiet and TuAnh, call him their labrador retriever. I laughed but after hanging out with them for a few hours over a leisurely Korean BBQ lunch at their home, that description was spot on. This kid is just happy go lucky, chillaxed, and so low maintenance. He's always got a sweet, "I'm up for anything" look in his eyes. 

I just couldn't get over the fact this 18 month old BOY was SO low maintenance. He'd walk outside, come back in with a fistful plants, blurt "Green!" and just find something else to interest him. He wasn't clingy, out of control, or whiny. And when his parents told him not to do something, get this, he DIDN'T. I mean, I don't get this kind of compliance with grown adults.

If Babius is a boy--I hope he takes after Lucas. Who doesn't love a labrador retriever? 

Meanwhile, Liv is 5, and she's halfway through pre-Calculus. This kid is a crazy smart cookie. I remember her mom telling me she thought it was the pre-natal vitamins she took--OB Natal One vitamins with fish oil. I took the same ones all the way through with Emmy and I'm on them again with Babius.

The jury's still out on Emmy's IQ but she does give a pretty ferocious hug, especially if you like your toes stepped on just enough to hurt.