Anchoring While Pregnant

For the dear friends I've moved far away from, the family that doesn't live in our news market, and the viewers who don't get Comcast 186: a short compilation from last week when I filled in for Brent last week on the 7PM newscast. First dress is a Destination Maternity number I got for about 30 bucks and the second is a dress Janelle Wang loaned to me.

The belly: all mine. What's crazy is that all these other women who are pregnant and due before me, or right at the same time, are TOTALLY SMALLER. It's ridiculous. I have a producer who likes to say, "Yep, you're definitely pregnant" every time I walk by. Yes, he's a guy. And then there's the photographer who was so amazed by my belly, because his sister-in-law is also due in February and "She's not even showing at all!" And then there's the friend who is due Valentine's day who said, "I saw you on the news. You ARE a lot bigger than I am and yet our due date is the same week." 

Seriously people, never comment on a pregnant woman's belly size. She will smile and then stick a pin in your voodoo doll later.