Great News Stories: From a News Photographer's POV

Excerpted from an email sent to me in response to an email about basic writing skills. Budding reporters should take note. Seasoned vets, feel free to add your own tips in the comments.

"Also, great stories have a few things in common.  

Some of my favorites.

Great audio = great video ------sound always moves a story

capturing a moment  -------the football players putting the hood over the [boy with Down's syndrome] at practice. 

action-reaction      ------a great fire is nice but Joe Blow saying "holy facck look at the smoke."

your story begins in the Explorer  ------i've never shot a good story without talking about a plan first...usually in the car on the way there.

sick kids, puppies and the homeless  -------people love this shit.

wearing underwear  ----i've never shot a great story without wearing AT LEAST 2 pair at the same time."


I think he was kidding about the underwear, but I can't be sure.