Pumpkin Carving

I haven't picked up a carving tool for as long as I can remember. That's what parents and husbands are for. But this year, while The Good Doctor carved the huge "Mommy" pumpkin, Emmy helped me with the "Brother" pumpkin. There's also the tiny baby pumpkin. Emmy decided there would be no paternal squash this year.

Pretty decent considering The Good Doctor freehanded the faces on both and I just made sure I didn't saw off any thumbs. But is there a reason they make the handles on those carving tools so miniscule? As I told The Good Doctor, "My hand is totally cramped. It's like I've been ----ing off the world's smallest ween for 2 hours." I might not have used the word ween. Did I mention I'm playing the "Hanging with Friends" game on my phone? That last sentence is an homage to my new pastime.

The game. Not the ----ing.

Ha--y Ha---ween!