Babius Pregnancy

If Babius isn't a boy, I'll be shocked. Even though there's no scientific basis for my hypothesis, I think there's pork and beans in here for many reasons.

This pregnancy is so different from last time. (Yes, I know that means nothing.)

1. Babius made me sick well into the second trimester, but my nausea ranked about 8/10. With Emmy I was nauseated 25/10 on the vomitocious scale. But only in the first trimester. Black bile vomit when I came home from my night shifts in Oakland at 1AM. Retch retch rehhhhhhtchhhhh into the toilet outside our bedroom. And that's after all the barfing I did on the half hour drive home into my "chum bucket" in the car. The Good Doctor had the daily morning ritual of cleaning out that Tupperware container. All he remembers is the amount of ginger product we wasted money on. Ginger gum. Ginger ale. Ginger snaps. Ginger extract. Ginger mint. Ginger pops. #nothingworked

2. Babius is wreaking havoc on my skin. I'm itchy and suddenly my face is 13 again. #pimplesarelame

3. My belly is way pointier and higher. #justweird

4. Our doctors and various people who have done ultrasounds seem to think they see "something" but then back off when we tell them we may not want to know. #somethingmustbeapenisnotavagina

5. I'm way, way, way more paranoid. About genetic diseases, disorders, deficiencies, abnormalities, complications. #ignoranceisbliss

6. Food cravings: Loved KFC last time. This pregnancy is all about tofu kimchi quesadillas and tofu burritos and the red sauce from MogoBBQ. I'm just starting to enjoy protein again but red meat still sounds pretty disgusting. Not great to be a carbaholic when your doctor tells you avoid high glycemic foods because "glucose does nothing to help the baby." #mybabywillbepartKorean

7. Diet anything tastes like poison. Any sort of artificial sweetener that touches my tongue is has a bitter, chemical, and totally disgusting taste to it. Which is really surprising because I loved diet drinks before Babius. They were probably terrible for me anyway so I will consider never turning back. #loveicedtea

And let me send you into your weekend with this random disturbing piece of information I learned over sushi with my friend Sarah and her husband and son: baby boys can have erections. In. The. Womb. #WTF

Sarah: Our ultrasound lady told us the baby was a girl. Then she said, "Ooops, no it's a boy. He just had an erection." #againWTFthat'snotcool,Nature