Halloween 2011

This past week was Hell Week for me at work. We lost our original PG&E interview (long story) and some other terrible things happened (may post about it later but suffice it to say, I do not deserve nice things) and I wasn't home early enough on Halloween night to do Emmy's makeup for her mall trip with Asian Grandparents.

The Good Doctor did a nice job stepping in with my Lancome Khol eyeliner.

Remember how we bought that pattern from JoAnn Fabrics and we 'volunteered' Asian Grandma to make the costume for Emmy? She took one look at that pattern and outsourced the job to a Vietnamese tailor in San Jose!

Asian Grandma brought her the fabric, a set of Emmy's footie pajamas, a picture of the costume, and said, "Here you go."  One week and $20 later, we had a stellar leopard costume with a cute waggy tail. And now I have a tailor who can sew some great dresses once I get back into my pre-prego form. She made this costume based on pajamas. Imagine what she can make based on actual measurements!

Reowwww! Ready to pounce! Purple glowlight courtesy White Grandma. It's a flashlight, whistle, and glowstick, all in one. Even though we reminded her 27 times, she still flashed that light in everyone's face when they opened the door.

And finally enjoying the sweet rewards of her labor. 

Things she said/did tonight that cracked us up:

"Trick or Treat!" loudly, but usually just after she knocked and right before the person actually opened the door.

About the teenage boy who came to the door with just a brown bag over his head: "Wow, he dressed up as a bag!"

To the neighbor who asked, "What would you like?": "I'd like some candy!"

To the neighbor who asked where she wanted her candy: "In my basket!"

And my favorite moment of the night--at the second house we went to, the mom set up a crafting area of sorts with her two kids, complete with candy, small decorated pumpkins, stickers, and tattoos. They gave her one of each of everything, and the toddler boy gently picked up her wrist and kissed it. Apparently that's all it takes. Emmy plopped herself down at their table and just wanted to hang out with the two kids. Halloween, out!