I'll Take "Uninspired" for $2000, Alex

What do you call a bloated, heartburned, left low back paining, double chinned woman with three long months left in her pregnancy?

The days start off well; mornings are the best time. I'm rested, I'm walking around, my mom makes the best Vietnamese decaf coffee with condensed milk, and Emmy is a happy morning girl.

Then gradually, as my wakeful hours wear on, the body runs down. The aches set in, the joints loosen, the pee breaks become more frequent, the food starts making my stomach feel all churny and weird. If it's a day when I'm heading out on shoots and interviews, and I'm active, it's a thousand times better than 'set up' days where I'm slaving it at the computer and on the phone. Computer screens suck the life out of you, one pixel at a time. 

By the time I get home, my lower back is just bugging out. It's not comfortable to sit but I'm too tired to stand around all night. Plus I want to actually play with Emmy, so it's sort of just a count down until bedtime. 

Today is a big day though. Our doc gives us her best and final prediction of the baby's sex. We will open the envelopes--all of them--on Thanksgiving.

The Good Doctor happened to work with her yesterday. They joked that she should just write, "Patience is a virtue" in the envelope. 

Don't play Dr. G. Prego can not handle jokes right now.