It's Gon' Come Out!

Apparently my fake Southern accent is rubbing off on Emmy.

I have gotten a little lax in my video recordings as of late, and wanted to make sure I captured some of Emmy's voice and mannerisms right now because 2.5 years old is the bomb time. She is talkative, expressive, imaginative and so randomly hilarious.

Like yesterday, when Dr. G asked if she wanted to help put more ultrasound jelly on my belly. By then, Emmy had already done it once and she was settled back into Asian Grandma's lap ready to dig into some multicolored Goldfish crackers. 

She looked at Dr. G, paused for a beat, and said, "No thanks." I guess you had to be there, but she dismissed an offer to assist in a medical procedure (not really) definitively, to partake in a snack break.

Anyway, this is Emmy's best guess on Babius' sex, where Babius will sleep, and Babius' food needs. 

I like how she brings Peanut the elephant to try and beat Babius out of me at the end of the video.

If only labor and delivery were as simple as being pummeled by a stuffed animal, Emmy.