Great video of the day shared by my friends at The Daily Dot. Purrlicious. Smart. Hilarious.

And the timing is spot on for our household because Baby Bear is officially dead. Just like that. After debuting as a leopard for Halloween, Emmy has killed off her Baby Bear persona. She is now "Baby Kitty." If you call her Bear, or Baby Bear or any form of the Ursus species, you will be swiftly corrected, "I'm not a bear, you idiot I'm Baby Kitty!"

I would get her a cat. If I weren't horribly allergic to them. Videos like this will have to do for now.

P.S. Further research turned up some controversy. Apparently some people say the "Catvertising" video is a rip off of this one.

Folks, I think there's enough cat-larity to go around.