Tofu and Piggy

Emmy's stuffed animals do double duty, pun intended, because they also serve as Tofu's toys. Something about their size, softness, and a chihuahua's urge to show them who's boss combine to make movie magic.

This particular animal is a puppet--and it sings when you put your hand up its butt. The song? Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You." Which is a song I happened to love listening to growing up. Didn't every immigrant family have this on a mix tape in their car in the 80's?

This particular version is chopped up--the pig sings "I just called ring ring"/ "To say ring ring"/"I love you." Let's just say Tofu caught Piggy in just the right mood, as evidenced by Piggy's response.

Unfortunately I only had my cell phone camera ready, but at least the low light conditions add to the ambience. It's worth 16 seconds of your time.

She needs a cigarette.