Thanksgiving 2011

Hope you had a nice holiday. I was sick as a d oh double gee after a Thanksgiving-palooza with White Grandma and Grandpa. Because a pregnant woman really needs more back pain, aches, and chills. It's not enough that the alien invasion is beginning to send fiery heartburn up my throat anytime I veer from standing completely perpendicular.

But I haven't forgotten what I'm thankful for this year.

1. Two families. Every time we get together with our in-laws for these holiday gatherings, I'm so grateful for the fact I married into a clan that's welcoming, friendly, generous, kind, and just kooky enough to appreciate the kooky that my family adds to the mix.

Plus we always have something to talk about because we're from such different backgrounds. I love sitting down at Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Julie's and finding out her niece-in-law is a clothing designer and that manufacturing textiles in China is light years ahead of the U.S. and that a pair of Lululemon pants that retails for $120 costs all of $10 to make and ship to the U.S. Those free alterations are sounding a lot less free. 

2. A mother-in-law who leaves this on my bed when I come to visit:


She said, "See? I read your blog!" And not once did she call me "Prego" or tell me I'm having twins. I'm so lucky I have a MIL I love. Same goes for my FIL, even though he didn't leave me any chocolate chips. 

3. That we're lucky enough to have the resources and work ethic to provide a strong foundation for building our family and future.

4. A husband that makes the last trip out of bed at night to get my prenatal vitamin and my phone when we're all snuggled up and warm. 

5. Parents who make it possible for us to work and have a clean house AND eat well. 

6. Babius. 

7. A daughter that has exceeded any notion that I might have had about how much I could love a small human being that came out of my body. 

8. The feeling that I won the family and friends lottery. I'm really thankful for all the love and support in our lives.

I read somewhere recently that people who think of 3 things they are grateful for every day have less stress and live longer and are generally happier. I think there's a lot of truth to that. Times can get tough, people can be jackasses, stress happens. But taking a moment to appreciate your life can be really refreshing. Here's to a great rest of 2011 and a 2012 that's even better.