Babius: Boy or Girl--The Reveal

According to 2 out of 3 predictions, Emmy is getting what she wanted: a baby sister.

With the help of White Grandpa behind the lens, we documented the big reveal at Thanksgiving dinner.

Highlights from the experience:

1. Emmy swiping someone's butter off a napkin and eating it while we were distracted.

2. The enormous amount of headroom White Grandpa left above our heads when he shot the video of us opening the envelope.

3. The fact Great Grandma Mary, White Grandma and Aunt Julie all guessed correctly even though they only had a 50% chance of getting it right! My mom was amazed. 

4. Off camera, the reason Aunt Tina still believes Babius is a boy. She has good reason to doubt the sonographer and doctor. When she was in her second pregnancy, the sonograms and all her medical professionals told her she was having a girl. But the day she was admitted to the hospital, she listened to her baby's heart rate and it was exactly the same as her firstborn son's. She told everyone she was having a second son. Of course everyone just wrote her off as the crazy about to go into labor pregnant lady who wasn't having an epidural. And then BAM. Cody was born. And he's a lady killer.

5. This x-rated photo of our unborn baby's bathing suit parts. Apparently this says it all. 

I told The Good Doctor I would buy some extra testosterone spray and have it misted throughout the house on a timer.