We're Having a Boy! No Wait, Girl!

I gave in. To myself and the pressure constantly emanating from my husband who has used every form of logic to convince me that we "need to find out." 

The reason I wanted to wait until the baby came out to find out if Babius is a boy or a girl is because it just seems like one of life's last genuine surprises. But the second time around, I actually wanted to know at first. Then, after all the hassle and confusion, the desire left and I was totally fine with waiting. Partly because I'm a contrarian and when everyone wants something, I want the opposite. I can't believe how many people have asked me what we're having. It's so common to find out right away and I wanted to be all Garvin Thomas about it and just find out on the baby's birthday.  

But after weeks of subtle but relentless persuading from The Good Doctor about "how we need to know so we can prepare Emmy," I succumbed. In a flash, he ran to the printer/scanner where we were keeping the two papers enclosed in envelopes with the baby's sex written on them. 

Turns out, our OB, who made a very early, preliminary guess in late August, wrote down "BOY."

But the sonographer who did the official 20 week anatomy check 3 weeks later wrote down "GIRL--80% sure."

Story of our lives.

For the record, this is exactly what The Good Doctor predicted, and he is currently 60/40 in the belief it is a boy. Not only because he's more confident in my OB, but also because he thinks "If you're going to make a mistake, it's easier to make a mistake missing something than seeing something that isn't there."

We figure we'll ask our doctor for her last prediction next week when I go for another ultrasound. Then the plan is to open that last envelope when we get together with family on Thanksgiving. Best 2 out 3?

Maybe this is fate telling us to just freaking wait until the baby emerges from my lady flower. 

P.S. In less confusing news--The Good Doctor is doing well post-procedure. Thanks for all the good vibes and happy wishes. At least now I don't have to worry about naming the baby "Good Doctor Jr." or if it's a girl, "Good Doctorianna."