Memo to Emmy: 31 + 32 Months

Emmy Emmy Emmy:

You're going to be the greatest big sister. I can already tell. Sure you still have your emotional moments and stubborn spells, but I don't think we could have a better role model in a big sis. You're so sweet, you listen to what we ask you to do, and you are generally a funny, entertaining, and smart cookie.

Who loves cookies, sweets, chips, and basically all the junk food that Mommy likes. At least you got something from me.

You're changing so fast that things you did at the beginning of the last month are now obsolete. One of my favorites: at the end of a meal, you'd say, "I'm fookier and fookier." We interpreted that to mean: "I'm full of food and ready to be excused." It was so funny because we had no idea where you got it until you finally said it was something Zobomafoo said sometimes. Not sure if that's true but fookier and fookier is now part of our permanent vernacular.

Anytime we are exasperated with you because you're not responding or doing something after our 3rd or 4th request (imagine a toddler not listening to her parents, gasp!), you'll eventually respond, do it, and then say, "Are you happy?" in the nicest, most sincere voice. It is just so sweet because you really mean it and you're not being sarcastic. Fast forward 10 years and your "Are you happy?" will probably take a much different tone. I'm enjoying this while it lasts.

Your favorite game is "CHASE!" wherein you want to be the chaser, never the chasee. And your favorite time to play is right after dinner, when your prego mom least wants to run around in circles.

And if we are playing a stationary game, you are very specific, "You stay right here. Don't move. *door closes, door opens* "You stay here. Don't go anywhere, all right Mommy? Stay on the bed." (Because our games involve me lounging around) You repeat that at least 2 times before you go off to get whatever it is you need to continue the game. 

There's a necklace your dad made you at Sophie's 5th birthday that you are now diligent about wearing, every day. You come into our room first thing in the morning and you've already gotten your little beaded Emmy necklace on, ready to accessorize your way into the day. The latest addition to the jewelry cabinet are these little plastic stickers that work as faux earrings. We didn't do the Asian thing and get your ears pierced at 2 months old. I'm kind of wishing we did because you wouldn't have remembered the pain. And doesn't every parent want to spare their kids as much pain as possible?

"You stay with me a little bit." You usually only say this to me when it's my turn to read at night. After we read our routine three books, you like to turn to me, wrap your little hands around my neck and say that with a smile that no Mommy could refuse. So we snuggle for a little bit and review the day and then I turn out the lights.

No matter how many times we tell you to stay in bed, don't get out, STAY IN BED, you have to get out at least once. Every. Single. Night. No matter how exhausted you are, you have to get up after we tuck you in, and we hear you knocking on your door. From the inside. Then comes the "Mommy!" or "Daddy!" followed by "Mommmmmmy!" or "Daddddddddy!" followed by more knocking, until one of us goes back in and tells you to go back to bed in our sternest voices. If you're feeling frisky or you napped, this happens 4-5 times. It's like your one daily act of defiance. #slightlyannoyingbuticandeal

You're remarkably sensitive. One time, you poked your finger through a small hole in our cheap Ikea paper lamp and ripped it a little more. We both said, "Oh no Emmy! Be careful," and suddenly you got a little frowny mouth and you burrowed your face into the blankets and started bawling. It was heartbreaking! Sensitive Sally over here.

We much prefer the laughing to the crying. You are the master of quizzing us. Probably payback for the last 32 months of your life with Daddy. You'll ask "How many fingers is this?" And when we answer correctly, you say "Good good good." You love to have us repeat after you, often in fragments of words. You: "Say, Win." Us: "Win." You: "Ter." Us: "Ter." You: "Winter." Us: "Winter." You: *Big smile*

"Ahhhhhhh, grandma." Asian Grandma loves your long sighs. You're just so world-wise at the ripe age of 2.5

Your L's and TH sounds are not quite there. When we ask you what you're up to, you like to say "Nuffing!" Even when we know it's something.

But at a baby shower just this weekend, you were such a polite princess. Silent. For the first 90 minutes, I barely knew you were there. You just parked yourself in front of a dollhouse and two containers of mini dolls and animals and did your thing. Other guests kept asking if you normally played by yourself because you were SO QUIET. It was impressive. I brought you in for some cake and fruit and onesie decorating but other than that, you were unREAL. 

We love you tons Baby Kitty. I hope you can't spoil a kid but telling them you love them 87 times a day. Thanks for making it so easy for me to look forward to your baby sister. 


Mom and Dad