Christmas Cards 2011: Final Product

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We knew it was going to be tough to top or even match the physicality of last year's card. Pregnant Vicky don't do no split jumps. She don't do much, period. But she can pretend to be trapped in an ornament. 

The Good Doctor and I have completely divergent memories as to who came up with this idea. I specifically remember myself being the idea originator and somehow he has the same recollection, only it was his idea to have Emmy hanging us as ornaments.

Don't worry, since it's my blob, and you're my friends, I know whose side you're on.


I'll post the behind the scenes photos next. Tofu and The Good Doctor tied for most difficult position to achieve. Note: Romeo is not cut off in the actual card. For some reason (my technical incompetence) I can't get this picture to re-size properly without cutting him off but trust me, Romeo's rump is in full effect in the actual card.

By the way, Asian Grandma and Asian Grandpa only noticed Emmy at first. Then they noticed The Good Doctor. Everyone else had to be pointed out. To which Asian Grandpa immediately responded with, "You should put a note in the card telling people to look closely at the tree."

Of course, I pooh poohed that idea. Come on, who's not going to notice us dangling around like ornaments?

Alex Bozovic, that's who. He's a photog I work with. You know, the type of guy who uses his powers of observation like, EVERY DAY. He just thought, "Hmm. Just a picture of Emmy, huh? Last year they were so creative." Good thing he has a wife. With eyes.

Alex Bozovic: 0 This year's Christmas card: 1