Christmas Cards 2011: Behind the Scenes

Compositing our card together was SO much easier this year because everyone just had their mini photo shoot in front of Kiet's big green screen. The real work was done in post, when Kiet had to photoshop all of us together, using his Christmas tree as a backdrop.

Let's start with the four legged stars of the card. Tofu drew the short straw, and because she's only about 4 pounds, we actually did hook her to a hanger for the money shot. This is what dogs look like when they're thinking "WTF?" The buggy eyes really add to the expression.

Romeo had it a lot easier. He just had to sit still while we dangled string cheese in front of his face.


Good thing The Good Doctor didn't have that extra side of hash browns. He did the most heavy lifting (again) this year with the whole 'hang from the garage rafters' deal.

My job was relatively easy. Act like I was falling backwards inside an ornament. 7 months pregnant with an extra 35 pounds of belly weight balanced on Rachel Roy heels? Never fear. I defy physics for two things: fashion and photo sessions.

And now to the star of the show. You saw the finished product but here are some the finalists from her shoot.

Her profile shot:

And I just love her smile in this one. She loves a good dirty joke.


And lastly: the finished product. Many thanks to Kiet Do, our creative, patient, brilliant friend and de facto photographer. May he always be up for the next big idea.