Holiday Ho Ho Ho Down

Hope you had a lovely holiday with your family!

We lucked out this year and celebrated with both sides after a last minute 3 day weekend worked out with our schedules. The only mishap--I left my Nikon SLR at home, but I had my new point and shoot Canon with me for the trip up north, so we were still able to capture some memories. As I like to say, "Unless I have it in picture or video form, it didn't really happen."

My aunt, uncles and cousins from my mom's side of the family. A tanner bunch than The Good Doctor's side.

Emmy and her cousin Jason. She turned to him at one point during the weekend while they were playing and said, "Jason, I love you." To which he responded, in typical 3.9 year old boy fashion, "Yeah" before continuing to play with his Hot Wheels. Does that ever really change?

Aunt T and Uncle D. It's weird how toddlers can actually play the matching game and make matches. It surprises me every time. They really are as smart as rats!

Emmy and her Uncle Whit, Aunt Juls and Grace and Lauren.

And the annual post-stocking group photo on Christmas morning. Tripods are my best friend. Those hats courtesy White Grandma and Walgreens Santa. They are so lightweight and comfortable and you will see me walking the dogs in mine for the rest of the cold season. 

Christmas afternoon, Emmy back in her Kohls dress. That was $19 well spent on polyester and fur trim.

The last photo of Christmas 2011. Someone's all smiled out. What's that in The Good Doctor's hand you ask? It's a piece of homemade toffee we were using as a bribe for "one more picture, Emmy! Look at Grandpa! Smile!"