Christmas Card Contender

This was our other option for the Christmas card this year. Forgot about this one. Took it at a beautiful wedding at the Grand Island Mansion in November. The same wedding where Emmy had a diarrhea BLOW. OUT. We had to throw away her white tights and do some serious sink bathing in the women's bathroom.

It was UNREAL. She started squirming about halfway through the ceremony, and we thought the surprise lollipop was going to take care of it. But this was a force of nature a lollipop could not come close to stopping. Right after the vows and kisses, we took her to the bathroom to see if she had to go. That's when the realization struck. Poop pie in the underwear, down the tights, and on my unsuspecting hand. Tears and scrubbing ensued. Emmy does not like to get messy. And she especially does not like pooping herself, since she hasn't pooped in a diaper since she was 8 months old. I had to call The Good Doctor in from the hall, and we barricaded ourselves in that tiny powder room for a good 15 minutes. Knock knock? "SORRY. IT'S GONNA BE A MINUTE!" was our mantra as I cleaned her little bottom parts in a tiny, Victorian sink and used up about 50% of the paper towels set aside for the wedding guests. It smelled awesome in there when we were done. 

Poor girl. We knew it was not like her to be all restless and fidgety. No more MSG lunches in downtown San Jose with our toddler. And definitely not before a big event.

Fortunately for us, a spare pair of underwear, a tracksuit and Elmo shirt saved the day. It was not the cute dress and tights she came in, but at least she didn't smell like a zoo for the rest of the night. And as you can see, her spirits were not permanently damaged by the blow out.