Snowflake Village

So proud we put up our Christmas tree this weekend--all in one afternoon after a trip to the lovely and traditional Home Depot.

I counted 7 rings. Or is it 8? This is the first year I really paid attention to Douglas vs Noble, Home Depot vs CVS vs tree farm. Usually I just send The Good Doctor out in the Prius and he comes back with a tree, saws some stuff off, and rearranges the ornaments after I hang them.

We bought a 7 footer for $42. That's apparently pretty decent these days for a noble fir. And it's about as much tree as we have decorations for. We are seriously lacking in original ornaments. Everything that we have that's nice was a gift from White Grandma. 

I've told you what a good packer The Good Doctor is, right? ALL of our Christmas lights and ornaments, aside from the three tubes of round balls from Target, are inside that Cuisinart box that Tofu is sitting on. Container Store ain't got nothing on my hubby.

This is Emmy's first year being able to really help decorate and she went to town on the bottom 2 feet of tree. We call it "Emmy's snowflake village" where the ornaments live in clusters close to the ground.

But she's a fast learner.

The finished product. See? It needs some help. We only have enough ornaments to cover about 70% of the tree.