The Good Doctor Dances

Christmas came early.

Somehow my husband, along with two of his colleagues, was recruited into a DANCE ROUTINE for his holiday party this year. Yes. DANCE ROUTINE. I have no idea how or why this happened, but I'm delighted and mortified at the same time. Delightified. Delighted because I love to see all 6'6" of white boy shaking what his mama gave him. Mortified because I was his plus one and not only did I bear witness to this performance, I captured it on video so that when Emmy and Babius grow up, they will know their dad was Justin Timberlake in scrubs.

Picture three anesthesiologists of varying sizes, accompanied by three nurses, performing a 5 minute dance number. A "Dancing with the Doctors" if you will. I mean, when he first told me about this, I thought it'd be a little 2 minute do-si-do.

I was wrong. The music was a medley of 5 or 6 songs with transitions, ending in a Rockettes kickline! 

They rehearsed twice. But I guess when you're busy saving lives every day, two rehearsals is about all you can fit into your schedule.

The performance was this weekend. I, of course, filmed it. As of now, and probably forever, it is on Youtube, but only as a private link that I'm verboten to share with anyone who does not share our bloodlines. And even then, you need $50 and the secret password.

I can say it was pretty decent and the audience gave them a very warm reception. As one lady said after the performance, "I love juvenile immature stuff like that." I'm pretty sure she meant that as a compliment.