A Test

Had a great chat with Gabe, a dear friend from high school; he, like The Good Doctor, is anti-social media. No Twitter, Facebook, and only the most necessary email. He was a soccer superstar and he's in a demanding job that requires a lot of travel and contact with people, so he likes being a hermit crab in his limited spare time.

I can relate. You get pretty peopled out in my job too. 

He sent me a link to this video as an example of what we were talking about. Which I will tell you about after you watch the video. Don't jump ahead. It's very interesting. And hopefully you are not one of the almost 3 million people who've already seen this video.

Deal? Now watch. It's only 1:22. Safe for work.


How did you do? You can post your comment here anonymously if you did poorly. You don't even have to leave an email or a URL (Aunt Jules).

I counted 12. And I never saw the damn gorilla even though he walked through and beat his chest. Good thing being observant has NOTHING TO DO with being a GOOD JOURNALIST or anything.

Meanwhile, I showed it to The Good Doctor, he hesitated and said 14 because he thought one of the passes was a trick and the girl had her back to him. Then before we went to the next part of the video he was all, "And I saw a monkey too!"

I was like, "No way. You've seen this video."

He swears he hasn't. "It's so obvious, the monkey like walks through and beats his chest!" He mimics the monkey's actions for emphasis.

I go brush my teeth. That guy is scarily aware.

Gabe says this is a video shown to coaches to signify how much you can miss when you're just watching certain players or only following certain actions. 

Like, a freaking GORILLA can walk onto the field and you're too busy playing favorites or focusing on the quarterback to notice the giant primate in the midst of your players.

Which is why I would not be a good coach. I always play favorites. I live to play favorites. And I'm terrible at seeing what just happened. If they invent DVR for real life, let me know. I'll be an early adopter. In fact, when watching replays, IN SLO MO, I often still miss the action. "Babe, rewind. I didn't see. Yeah. No. I didn't see it."

My husband is a patient, patient man. And as I'm diagnosing from the 1:22 of video we just watched, he's omniscient. As he put it, "I see everything Vicky. I see the forest AND the trees." He's also the same man who does not see anything he is ever looking for until I arrive and find it in 1.7 seconds RIGHT THERE.

He's a good match for me, because apparently I only see things if they're in CAPS.