Everything's better with 'em. Except sharing. Sharing is not that cool, people. It's only cool if you get M&M's and applause. If only things stayed that way forever. Show up at work? M&M's and applause! Fold the laundry? M&M's and applause! Finish picking up dog poop in the backyard? M&M's and applause!

We started booking playdates left and right after we realized Emmy's best friend is her stuffed monkey Marvin, nicknamed Marv. She wants him to watch her do everything. 5 times. And when your husband's job is to sit behind Marv and animate him to entertain your daughter, you get a little stir crazy.

This adorable little baby is just one month younger than Emmy and you would kill for her eyelashes. She's a lot like Emmy too, shy around strangers but super cute. She does not have Temple Grandin bangs though.

Which is funny because that sentence reminds me of this student I used to teach who would add "though" to the end of everything. No matter what though. It didn't have to even make sense though. She would just say it as a filler word though. 

Love the chubby, clutchy hands. We teach Emmy to squat down and really put her quads into her hugs.