Lizard on a Leash

Let's get literal, literal, I wanna get literalllll.
The title of this post, sung to Olivia Newton John's "Let's get physical," explains what you're about to see. 
The Good Doctor, as you know, has many skills. In addition to being able to see gorillas and count basketball passes, he can also fashion a makeshift lizard leash out of a long piece of organic material such as a willow or weed or other such flexible greenery. 

He used to tell me stories about how, as a kid, he could catch lizards and walk them on a leash. I was like, "Pshawwww right." And he was like, "I did it all the time growing up! We had tons of lizards in our backyard. You just slip the loop over their heads, they walk through, it tightens and you can walk them like a dog!" 

Flash forward to sometime in the future, when I was at his house and he caught a lizard, on a leash, and walked it like a dog. And here I am, years later, the proud Mrs. Good Doctor. 

Emmy's Uncle Mike thought his brother was cuckoo for Coco Puffs when he said he could do this. But here's the video proof that The Good Doctor still has skiz-ills that go a long way to impressing women and toddlers.
Happy Valentine's Day. May your significant always be able to catch your lizard. 

P.S. The blue belly lizard was on the leash for no more than a few minutes. He was released without incident back into the vast wilderness to die of old age. Or at the paws of an indoor/outdoor cat. 

Nature can be so cruel.