Black Thanksgiving

This weekend, in celebration of the NBA All Star weekend festivities, AKA "Black Thanksgiving" we mostly stuck around and ran errands. So that we could be home in time to watch the skills challenge-- YAY Stephen Curry, my #1 pick to Nguyen it-- and slam dunk contest. Sorry Serge Ibaka, you were robbed in the first round.

Game night, we celebrated Black Thanksgiving with turkey in the form of guacamole turkey burgers with Colby Jack cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on classic buttered spongy white buns.

There's a Good Doctor joke in there somewhere but I shall refrain. Just this once. 

Super easy, definitely an under 30 minute meal. Add some garlic fries from Trader Joe's, a caesar salad, and a bottle of Cascal soda and you have the perfect Sunday night dinner.

But not without incident. Since when do the butcher counter guys at Whole Foods pass so much judgment on your meat choice? Poor Good Doctor. The guy calls out "Fifteen!" and we step up to order our 2/3rds pound of ground turkey breast.

Butcher Dude: "Whatcha makin'?"

Us: "Um. Turkey burgers."

Him: "You want ground thighs, then."

I raise my brows at The Good Doctor, because I'd just asked him if we might want a mix of ground breast and ground thighs for more flavor. But since I am not the burger master, I kept my mouth shut.

The Good Doctor: "Nah we're gonna go with breast, man."

Butcher Dude: "There's no fat in the breast. You're not gonna get any taste unless you add a whole BUNCH of seasoning."

Then a Chinese lady in front of us, number 16, turns around with her two cents: "Yeah. The breast meat is fat free. No flavor."

The Good Doctor, suddenly outnumbered and feeling a tad bit judged, almost relents and gets the thigh meat just to get it over with.

But I know my man. He's a breast man.

So I go: "No, we'll go with the breast. We want to keep it fat free. We'll find some seasonings to make it work. Thanks!"

And the burgers were totally delicious. Like you could make these for company and they'd be happy and stuffed.

Super easy too--add one egg, handful of finely chopped onion, salt and pepper. Basically the same as making meatballs, but this time, shape them into patties. Grill on medium with a covered skillet until cooked through.

The melted cheese on the meat plus the guacamole kicks up the moisture and flavor. Plus, the lean meat means you can have those dark chocolate covered raisins for dessert guilt-free. So suck it, Butcher Dude.