What kind of parents buy their kid a sword at the mall, and then proceed to allow her to indiscriminately wave it around and poke passersby without provocation?

The same kind of parents we said we'd never be. But turned out to be.

One of the best memories I'll have of Emmy growing up is the 3 bucks I spent on this sword as part of a buy one, get one half off deal at the toy store. Whoever thought of buy one, get one or get one half off is a retail savant, by the way.

We put her in the stroller and the sword was unwieldy in the back so we thought, "Let's just give it to Emmy to hold."

For the next 15 minutes, she waved that thing around yelling, "Charge!" and thwacking anyone in a 2 foot radius. She packed a pretty powerful joust from her seated position. 

Horrible, horrible public parenting but I couldn't stop laughing every time I had to swerve the stroller out of the way at the last second to turn a finishing blow into a mere glancing wound. I doubt anyone else at the mall besides Toddler Thor and her dada thought it was half as hysterical but that will be one of my favorite moments of Emmy's growing up.

She's normally so shy in public places, only waving and using her small voice to say hello when prompted, so seeing her as a sword-wielding loud-laughing crazykin was totally worth the wrath of the mall cops.