Are even more delicious when your husband makes them and you don't have to lift a finger for the prep or clean up.

Every man should know how to cook something. It's so unexpected and endearing. Master a few specialty items. You don't need to be Curtis Stone because that level of Australian hotness is impossible to attain. But try. The world could use a few thousand more Curtis Stones.

Learn some recipes. Practice. Be consistent. Self-start. And impress the special someone in your life with a batch of something homemade.

Or just do what The Good Doctor did: Make pancakes with Trader Joe's batter that tasted like bung. Then when your wife says she will never eat one of those flavorless doughy diskwads again, look on the side of the box and try the chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Voila. Delicious and oh so guest worthy. These are the magazine photo worthy. Shiny just melted chocolate chips, and just the right mix of crisp and chewy. 

The blog isn't all fiction, now is it Good Doctor.