Memo to Emmy: 22 Months

Hola Emmy!

Or as you say, Ole...yah!

This time I double checked the math with Dada. You are 22 months old! Almost two years old and then we can measure your height, double it and see how tall you're going to be. Although Dada says trick won't work for you because our heights are so different it won't be accurate.

I'm really sorry I got so carried away with the scissors this week. I didn't mean to create a mini Temple Grandin. You're quite good at blowing bubbles now, Dr. Grandin.

You're still growing taller all the time but not fatter. We stopped putting you in your 9 month sized pants because it's too cold for capri pants this time of year.

Your vocab has grown a lot this past month. All of Dada's drills since birth are paying off. It's pretty fun when you thank us for stuff un-prompted. And you're so much more positive now that you say "Yah!" instead of "Noh?" to our questions. Or when you yell, MAMAHHHHH! Or DaDAHHHHH! Just because you can.

The dancing is spectacular. You chair dance, moving your elbows to the beat, and when you're on the ground, you know how to put your hands in the ayer like you just don't cayer. Fast feet, spinning and big marching steps are your specialty and nothing gets you moving like Black Eyed Peas. You danced during the entire half-time show for Super Bowl XLV. The critics didn't love the performance but we dropped the beats in our living room.

Your sentences are coming along, topping out at 3 words per sequence, with long pauses between words. ""

So fun to watch you count with your little hands. When you start in Vietnamese, you use your thumb as the first number because that's how Asian Grandma taught you.. Mokh, hi, ba, bom, NAM! When it's English, you use your pointer finger. You yell the number FIVE in both languages.

You surprised us both with your response when you took a facer into the floor.

Us: "Emmy, are you OK baby?"

You: "I fine!"

We've invented a fun game called "neck kisses" wherein we tell you too look up so we can, surprise, kiss your neck. But as we move closer and closer you start laughing so hard and your hands inch up to protect that creamy swatch of perfectly soft and delicious skin that is so YUMMY. So by the time we get close enough to kiss your neck you've already shrunken up like a tortoise back into its shell. That never gets old.

You love to sing "Happy! To! You!" And now you're developing your own vernacular with words we prefer using over the originals. 

Budgie = Blanket

Heffy = Elephant

Meeyo = Romeo

Fofoo = Tofu

Pease! = Please!

Nana = Grandma

Nana = Banana (It only gets confusing when Asian Grandma is holding a banana.)

Seet seet = Sit. Usually to Mama to make her sit down in front of the toilet to watch Emmy.

Chock = chocolate. Oh yes, you are my daughter. Not yet 2 years old and already craving the chocolate.

I was beside myself when I went through the $1 pack of Target flash cards that have been lying around your room forever. You actually knew every single one. Even yo yo and nest and x ray. Wow! This is a sampler of your mad skills, taken during your finest hour, after you dropped off some doodle berries.

We just fall in love with you more and more now that you're becoming a little independent being. And we're less impressed with those kids who can recite capitals of states at age 3. It turns out kids can remember a lot if you teach them. Next up: trigonometry flash cards. Tiger Parents unite!

Love you BooGoo,

Mama and Dada