Japan: Earthquake & Tsunami

I am supposed to be writing a story about consumer gag orders that will air on KNTV next Wednesday and I'm up late because I emcee'd the International Museum of Women gala tonight where the crowd was so gracious. But now I'm totally off track and distracted and saddened because Asian Grandma just popped into our room wearing her Bluetooth headphones, wordlessly waving at me to get in her room to see the TV.

It was tuned to my friend Kiet Do's live shot at the USGS in Menlo Park where he was doing a live interview with a seismologist. That turned into 15 minutes of me flipping through the local news stations, listening to everyone's coverage and dipping into the English coverage on NHK, the news network in Japan. 

The devastation in Japan, the fireballs following the earthquake, the flooded prefectures, the airport underwater, the violent waves tossing boats into the freeways, all of those images are swirling through my mind. And the untold number of people who are now gone. Tsunami warnings have gone out to the U.S. for Hawaii, to Russia, Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

And I wasn't going to make a big deal of this, maybe surprise you with a few posts here and there should I be so lucky to establish a connection, but we're traveling to that part of the world, a family vacation to celebrate our time together, visit relatives, and to take advantage of our tour guides (Asian Grandma and Grandpa) before they get too old to traipse around Vietnam; it is a trip I have barely prepared for because the week has been so busy but I was looking forward to seeing just how many people would stop in their tracks to stare at my giant lily-colored husband and how many great photos and videos we could take of Emmy in the most foreign place we could take a 2 year old other than maybe Siberia or Africa. 

But now I'm so sad for the thousands of people whose lives have been indelibly marked by this enormous disaster. It is a reminder of just how precious and sacred every moment truly is, and how to treasure your time with those you love because in an 8.9 magnitude instant, it can all change.