Things that Irrationally Annoy Me

1. When people ahead of you in line reach for the divider and put it on the conveyor belt. It's so...separatist! I know it's just a way to make sure the checker doesn't combine your items but for some reason, it totally bugs. Like, really, isn't the space just enough? Do we need a whole plastic BAR? I know, I said these are IRRATIONAL annoyances.

2. When I am asked a question more than one time. Even if I didn't respond the first time and the asker has no way to know if I heard him or not.

3. When people volunteer to help me.

4. When someone interrupts my thinking.

5. Hyphenated last names.

6. When people thumb through the papers at the printer and take forever to give you your papers. Even though you can see them. Right. There.

7. When red wine drinkers don't realize their teeth are blue.