Saigon Oi Saigon Oi Saigon Oi

Xin chao! Thought I'd go ahead and take advantage of the free wifi in our hotel before we head to Bac Lieu, the small city where my mom grew up.

My apologies for the light posting, as we are traipsing about my homeland.

I didn't think I'd have a chance to update the blob but here are some highlights so far:

Emmy was a stellar baby on the first transcontinental 13 hour flight, and the following 4 hour flight into Saigon. The Good Doctor barely made it, between the lack of leg room, oddly timed meal service, and the only flight we've ever taken where the plane didn't have the little individual air vent. Him, for the better part of 17 hours, "GAH...horrible." Not winning.

I lost my point and shoot camera on day one, fell out of a pocket on one of our cab rides. I can only hope it is sold into a good home and that no one can trace the memory card back to me.

Bought a new camera at the equivalent of a Vietnamese Best Buy, an experience in itself.

And we have taken about three hundred cab rides. Emmy thinks the "no car seat" car rides are the best invention since chocolate covered raisins.

Vietnam is SO different than it was when I was here 18 years ago.

Can't wait to give you the full briefing and photo show when we get back. Especially the Vietnamese family style dinner we had on my cousin's apartment floor. Where The Good Doctor sat cross-legged on the men's side and Emmy ended up shirtless and belligerent. Oh yes, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Meanwhile, we are hoping Romeo, Tofu, and Coco are being good little citizens on their best behavior for White Grandma and Grandpa, considering they are a gang of twerps with many wants and needs. The dogs, not the grandparents.

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