Telemundo Part Dos

Here's the breast milk black market piece.

And as promised, here are my soundbites en espanol for Telemundo. 

I'm irrationally proud of this moment but as Kris Sanchez and I were saying, being able to communicate in multiple languages is a gift every parent should give their kids a chance to learn. I mean, don't be all Tiger Mom and force your kids into 5 hours of Mandarin and French and Spanish every day because you want them to take over the world, do it so they can grow up and give Damian Trujillo chills when he walks by and hears them speaking his language.

Many thanks to Raul for suggesting I even do this. And muchas gracias to Jaime who had to sit through many awkward re-takes and who corrected my accent so I put the em FAS iss on the right syl AB ull. And for telling everyone in the newsroom, "Vicky's half Mexican!"

This is what I said, by the way. And I still ended up sounding like an overenunciating chica del valle, despite my best efforts to be an Asian Blanca Garza. Clearly, I am not full-time Telemundo material. Unless Telemundo needs overenunciating over-gesticulators. Then I'm the #1 candidate. Who knew Half Mexican Vicky used her hands so much?

En espanol: "Lo mas importante que deben saber las madres es que es ilegal vender leche de pecho. Los bebes que toman esta leche pueden contraer enfermedades como sifilis hepatitis y VIH. Aun cuando las madres que venden la leche digan que estan saludables y que no fuman ni toman ni usan drogas no tienes manera de saber la verdad."

En ingles: "The most important thing is that mothers should know it is illegal to sell breast milk. The babies who drink this milk are at risk of getting many different diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis and HIV. Even if the mothers say they are healthy, and that they don’t smoke or drink or take drugs, you have no way of knowing the truth."

Thank you Sra. Michiels. I bet you never thought I'd be using my Spanish to talk about the sale of breast milk on the black market in the year 2011.