Vietnam: Liv Tyler and the guy from Two and a Half Men

On one of our nights in Saigon, we took a quick stroll around the night market across from our hotel. All sorts of watches and clothes and wallets and purses for sale. It is knockoff central: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex. If you want to look nouveau riche, Vietnam's got the counterfeit purse to prove it. But then we found this guy.

A 25 year old street artist who'd recently moved down from Hanoi to Saigon to open up a bar. He was sketching a pretty good picture of an Asian tourist and the sign said, "10 minutes" so I persuaded The Good Doctor to sit with me for a portrait. Come on, how often do you come across a true artiste at 11PM on the streets of a Saigon night market? Plus--we could clearly tell that was Harry Potter on his sandwich board. What the heck! We're on vacation and it's only gonna cost a few bucks for a priceless souvenir and more importantly, charming memories of the night we got this amazing sketch done, yes that one in the gilded frame in our living room, would you like another mini-scone with your tea?

Well. When all was said and done, this is what we paid 6 bucks for. Thoughts?

At least the artist was super nice and we had fun chatting with him. Plus, he said he could tell we'd be a happy couple forever because we got our pictures drawn together. Apparently it's always a bad sign when the couple wants individual portraits.

I guess if Liv Tyler and Jon Cryer ever get together, you know the love will last.