Vietnam: Scootering

One marked difference from 18 years ago is the abundance of dust masks and helmets. The masks are a great idea, and block out the fumes and dust from all the open air scootering. And now Vietnamese law requires helmets for adults. They are as much a fashion statement as a safety measure. Colorful, designer, baseball cap-shaped, the helmets cost anywhere from $3 to $300. But, as one cabbie said, "Some are so cheap, if you drop them, they break."

With those safety standards in place, Emmy and I thought we'd join the throngs of scooterati and motor around the country too. 

It was so much fun! She loved feeling the wind on her face and going fast. "Fasssst, Mommy" became a familiar phrase after this joyride. It was a little tricky when we hit stop and go traffic, but on the open roads in Bac Lieu, we had a jolly good time.




Yuk yuk. That's not us. It totally looks like us though, right?