Vietnam: Signs

When you're carrying an almost 2 year old around the country, and hopping in and out of taxis, and trying not to roll an ankle on the uneven walkways, you don't always whip out your camera as often as you might when you were oh, 25 and running around carefree without all the toddler baggage.

That's my excuse for not taking more photos of signs around town but here are a couple of great ones.

"Same same, but different" is something that apparently Vietnamese guides and tour leaders and locals say a lot to the tourists when describing hotels, transportation, tours, basically anything where someone might say, "Is it like X?" And the response from the Vietnamese local would be, "Yes. Same same, but different." But the only time we heard that phrase on our trip was from Asian Grandpa. We were disappointed no one busted out this famous phrase.

And below is a lost in translation moment. A cabbie we rode with laughed heartily about all the Viet Kieu coming back to Vietnam and coming up with crazy phrases translated directly from English into Vietnamese. Example: "hormone free beef" as "thit sach" which means "clean meat." As opposed to dirty meat.

Or "ga an cham" which literally means "chicken eating slow" for "made to order chicken." Or "ga di bo" which is "chickens that walk" for "free range chicken." Enough quotation marks for you in this post?

The Why Not Bar is a little like those rough translations.

Interestingly, we saw a lot of "foreigners" working the front door at places like this--Australians and Americans with friendly smiles greeting people like us with a "Hey, how are you doing? Come on in and watch the game. Cold drinks at the bar, mate."

Emmy was not having it though. She's more of a drink milk at home alone while watching Caillou kind of girl.