Vietnam: Scars

Lest you think it was all fun and games, something very permanent may have happened to me on this vacation. And I don't mean the mental scarring from an 8 hour train ride listening to Asian Grandpa's trumpet snoring. After enjoying the previously mentioned seafood fest, we went in the water at Bai Dai. 

Asian Grandpa rented an inner tube from our restauranteurs, who in addition to living and cooking on the beach, also sell bathing suits, floaties, and life jackets from the seashore. 

Well, when it was my turn to use the black inner tube (after Asian Grandpa, Emmy, and Asian Grandma), I made the mistake of slipping it over my head and shimmying into it. 

Cue 4 inch gash down my right arm, thanks to the little metal part that you pump air into. It's just metal, protruding from the inside of the tube, no cap. Because why would you want to put a cap on it? Who cares about rust or tetanus or GASHING PEOPLE'S ARMS AND LEAVING LIFELONG SCARS?

Just in time for tank top and short sleeve season.

Yes it's a superficial wound. Insert sarcastic comment about TV reporter personalities here.

But seriously, it's already forming a nasty scar. We bought a $2 prescription cream imported from Germany at a Vietnamese pharmacy. Who knows what Hirudoid cream is actually supposed to do anyway? It says it's antithrombotic. Sounds good for $2 I say. But now, two weeks later, my scar is still pink as a newborn pig. Not so cute in contrast to my brown skin.

We're going to see if a board certified dermatologist in the U.S. of A. can do any better.

If all fails, at least I can say I got the scar back in 'Nam.

And don't say I never took you to the gun show.