Breaking news alert!!! Roll music. Begin crawl: We interrupt this series of posts about the Vietnam trip to inform you Emmy is potty trained. Repeat: Emmy is potty trained. Details coming up next.

Y'all, I think we've done it. About a week before her 2nd birthday, which we shall not officially speak of since we have not officially celebrated with a cake and party, we started outfitting her with underpants to see if she would tell us when she had to go pee.

We started doing this when she was about 20 months, putting her in Fancy Nancy underwear right after she peed/pooped in the toilet. We figured we'd just put her on the potty every 15 minutes and just see how she did diaperless.

Us: "You're wearing big girl underwear! You can't pee in your underwear. So you have to tell Mommy and Daddy if you have to pee."

Us: "Emmy, remember, tell Mommy or Daddy if you have to pee, OK? Because you're not wearing a diaper. Only underwear. OK?"

Her: Nodding like she totally understands and we are spelling it out way too much because she's like, a genius, people.

5 minutes later, "Uh OHHHH?" Puddle forms around her feet and playmat/wood floor/rug in her bedroom/Mommy's lap.

She wasn't quite getting it at 20 months, maybe she just didn't know the "this is how I feel when I have to go pee" feeling yet.

So we tabled the issue for a couple months and then just tried it again right before her birthday. She totally got it. Same thing--gave her the ole "Tell Mommy/Daddy/Grandma if you have to pee" speech and just like that, she did.

A couple of successful days at home led us to great bravery. First a trip to the park, then a trip to visit Mommy at work, then her first public pee during Mommy's dinner break at Thai Cafe. She said, "Emmy pee pee now." A big test this weekend--at her friend Lucas' birthday party. But she prevailed. And peed in the toilet there too. She is invincible. We're going gas station bathroom next. She can do ANYTHING!

You do not understand the exhilaration that can fill your being when someone else poops or pees in the toilet until you have a kid. Then you live and die by the potty. Proudly.

And really, what is cuter than these little bunchops walking around in tiny pants?

We still have her in a diaper overnight, because she sleeps in her crib for 11 hours and I already wake up once at 2AM for Romeo's pee break. He's like a senior citizen min pin with a bladder the size of a peanut m&m. And a brain the size of a regular m&m.